3 Cross-Cultural Training


Dadaab Refugee Camp, Northeastern Kenya
Photo by JEL ©

Migration Anthropology Consultants (MAC), LLC provides training on cross-cultural communication and living and working in international settings.

Most NGOs and VOLAGs who assist migrants, refugees and others of diverse cultural backgrounds attempt to hire employees who are educated and possess a sincere desire to serve others. 

Though knowledgeable about the needs of others and highly motivated to help, many otherwise qualified employees often lack an adequate understanding of how "culture" impacts communication.  Other new and already on-board employees may not possess the experience and skills required to work effectively in multicultural or international settings.

Experience is the best teacher.  But
MAC, through its training programs, can help prepare new workers, and on-board employees with insufficient cross-cultural skills and experience for successful multicultural and international work.  MAC does so by providing training on culture and communication, how to recognize and avoid cross-cultural miscommunication, and what to do when such difficulties arise.

Employees who receive this training will get more out of their work experience and provide better assistance to those they serve, sooner.

MAC training programs are suitable for:
  • International technical assistance and cultural exchange programs such as the U.S. Peace Corps;
  • Domestic and international non-governmental organizations and community development efforts;
  • Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief organizations; and
  • International businesses and corporations wanting to expand their global operations or culturally diversify and train their domestic workforce.