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Migration Anthropology Consultants (MAC), LLC

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Being Human – Our Past, Present and Future in Nature
On Anthropology and Biology

This is my original blog begun in September 2010. My original description of it remains unchanged: “an open forum on topics in anthropology, science, philosophy, religion, and African studies. The purpose of the blog is to promote thought and increase and improve knowledge.” The blog’s focus has since narrowed to human biological evolution and “human nature.” Topics in cultural anthropology, human cultural evolution, and the peoples of Africa are addressed on my blog, Being: In Nature and the Ethnosphere. To follow or subscribe to this blog go to its home page and complete the form “Follow by Email.”

Being – In Nature and the Ethnosphere
On the Anthropology of Culture, Cultural Evolution, and the Peoples of Africa

Begun in April 2014, this blog focuses on the anthropological concept of culture and prehistoric and historic cultural evolution. Within cultural anthropology emphasis is on ethnology and ethnography, the study, analysis, description, and comparison of specific cultures, with an emphasis on the past and present peoples of Africa. To follow this blog, click the “Follow” popup menu in the lower right corner and enter your email address.

Owl & Ibis – A Confluence of Minds
On the Natural & Social Sciences, History, Philosophy, Modern Stoicism, and Aspects of Cultural Studies, Including the Sacred

I initiated Owl & Ibis - A Confluence of Minds as a private critical thinker club in mid-2013. On September 22, 2015, I made it public as an open-to-all freethinker online forum and in-person gathering. On September 6, 2017, following my departure from Facebook, I moved the online forum for O&I posts and comments from Facebook to this blog. O&I is a secular, humanist, free-thinker discussion group. Discussion topics are drawn solely from the natural sciences, social sciences, philosophy, history, and cultural studies, including the sacred. Sacred topics have to do with the impact of sacred beliefs and behaviors on the well-being of the individual and his/her society, and on Humankind as a whole. Owl & Ibis is not the forum for religious apologetics and proselytizing. The chairship of meetings will rotate among the participants. At each meeting a presentation will be made by the chair. The presentation will cover a topic from one of the above subject areas and should include a point of argumentation. Any time remaining after the presentation will be used for discussion. Meeting attendees accept and advocate, totally or in part, an understanding of the Universe based on the principles and methods of scientific-secularism, skepticism, and reverence. Owl & Ibis is tolerant of a wide range of worldviews and belief systems. Pluralism and inclusion are regarded to be the best ways forward in Humankind’s efforts at forging a global morality and civilization, and for acting responsibly as Earth's steward. Owl & Ibis attempts to contribute to such a future. To follow this blog fill in the “Follow by Email” form on its left sidebar.

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Migration Anthropology Consultants (MAC), LLC provides expert international and domestic consultancy and training services to governmental and international agencies, non-governmental organizations and voluntary agencies, and corporations and businesses.

The multidisciplinary, holistic, participant observation methods of anthropology are applied to human migration, refugee populations, and business and organization workplace analysis.  Behavioral scientific rigor and humanism are essential to this approach.

Training programs are also provided on cross-cultural communication and other skills necessary for living and working in multi-cultural, international settings.

A detailed description of MAC
's services, leadership and current projects can be found on the following pages:

Migration Studies
Refugee Resettlement Referral
Refugee Reception & Assimilation Studies

Cross-Cultural Communication for International Work

Corporate, Business & Organization Culture Analysis for Increased Production, Profit and Product/Service Quality

News Reports, Articles and Essays on Migration, Immigration and Refugees, Including MAC Commentary

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Jim Lassiter

Migration Anthropology Consultants (MAC), LLC is a private, limited liability company owned and directed by James E Lassiter, an independent practicing cultural anthropologist.

James (Jim) has over thirty years of experience studying and living in African and other societies and cultures.  He has implemented, directed and managed international development, technical assistance and cultural exchange programs in numerous African countries.

Jim also has in-depth experience developing and implementing US Government refugee resettlement policy throughout Africa, in the Commonwealth of Independent States and elsewhere. He has lived and worked for extended periods of time in AfricaAsiaEurope and North America.

Jim was born on 12 October 1947 in Newport News, Virginia, USA.  He is married to the former Miss Immy Rose Namutosi of MbaleUganda.

Jim's CV is available upon request.


~  Book Publication: Circumcision and Coffee in Uganda: Bamasaaba Responses to Incursion, Colonialism and Nationalism 1840-1962, published January 2017

~  Consultant on Human Migration: Investigate the Global Journey of Humankind by Judy Dodge Cummings, White River Junction: Nomad Press, 2016.

~  Provide expert information on the cultural practices and history of the Bamasaaba ethnic group of Uganda to the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic at Greater Boston Legal Services.  HIRC at GBLS represents indigent clients in a variety of immigration proceedings, including asylum applicants.

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic
Harvard Law School
Wasserstein Caspersen Clinical Building
6 Everett St., Suite 3103
CambridgeMA 02138 

~  Consultant to Florida Institute of Technology, Institute for Cross Cultural Management  Offer courses and seminars as follows:  1) Skills for Working and Living in Cross Cultural Settings; 2) African Cultures in Crisis

~  Consultant to RefugeePoint (formerly Mapendo International), a non-governmental organization supporting and referring African refugees, on refugee resettlement referral training and quality assurance

~  Part-time instruction at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Refugee Affairs Division teaching Cross-Cultural Communication to new Refugee Corps Officers enrolled in the Refugee Officer Training Course (ROTC)

~  Researching and writing a book on Ugandan family and migration matters:  "Kiondo:  A Family in Eastern Uganda and Beyond

~  Offering upper-division adjunct university quarter-length courses as follows:
  • "African Populations in Crisis:  Sudan and Somalia"
  • "African Populations in Crisis:  Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo"
  • "African Populations in Crisis:  Liberia and Sierra Leone
Each course presents an assessment of the social conditions and political actions that led to 20th century and current sociopolitical crises in the countries being considered.  Contact MAC for the course outline of the first of two semester-length offerings.

The impact of crises on each nation's various populations, cultures and the individual in society is studied and compared.  Particular attention is given to the impact of crises on internally displaced and refugee populations.


Available upon request.

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Migration Anthropology Consulants (MAC), LLC

Migration & Refugee Studies, Cross-Cultural Training, Workplace Culture Analysis

Shelter, Sustenance, Survival